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Gerard Meijer is nowadays no longer known only as Personal Trainer and Coach of top athletes and artists. Everyone who wants to feel fit and good can contact Gerard for advice and guidance. As an Orthomolecular nutritionist, he can tell you exactly what influence nutrition has on your body.

He treats people every day according to the Bowen Technique with wonderful results. Recently he completed the study Psycho-Neuro-Immunology and because of this it does not stop at a symptom, but he always looks for the cause. Because of his years of experience, many studies and researches, we can best describe Gerard as “repairer of the body”.

Gerard has coached top athletes such as Falko Zandstra and Frank Rijkaard, various CEOs, singer Anouk and designer Piet Boon to go healthy and fit through life. Motto of life: From a negative thought nothing positive has ever arisen.

To book you appointment, please contact:

Gerard: 06-5315 1790/ gerard@fitforlife.nl

Website: http://www.fitforlife.nl


Sonja: 06-1962 9692/ sonja@stoerenslank.nl

Website: http://www.stoerenslank.nl


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