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Become an A-Player! Training

You want to be your best and most effective self in your team and company…

That can be demanding and challenging at the same time, especially in a (new) multicultural environment. It is essential to create effective arrangements within teams of different cultures, so there can be a positive impact on behaviors and people in companies to steer toward the highest possible efficiency.

This two-day training is being offered in September 2019.

In this two-day training, in which:

  • Day 1 focusses on multicultural working environments and how to become “intercultural competent”. By recognizing and understanding cultural differences and similarities, you can effectively adapt to – and benefit from – the diversity in your organization.
  • Day 2 uses the insights of day 1 in how to work smarter, instead of harder by creating the best team needed in the current culture of your company.

Your trainer

Marjoleine-HavikMarjoleine Havik MSc – Trainer & Consultant

Marjoleine Havik MSc has a Masters degree in Organisational and Personnel Psychology
and over 20 years experience, as HRM professional and in training and teaching. She is
from the Netherlands and combines that down-to-earth attitude with the temperament
of her other, South American, roots. After already experiencing living in other countries
during her own youth (US & Egypt) she continued so after her studies. Marjoleine lived
in Nigeria for 4 years and returned to The Netherlands from Singapore in 2016, where
she lived twice (7 years) since 2000. Marjoleine is a double certified trainer (Cambridge
International Examinations) and qualified assessor of the IDI – Intercultural Development Inventory. She successfully attended the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication in Portland , USA and the Intercultural Communication Institute Winterschool.

Marjoleine is a certified user of the Cultural Orientations Framework Assessment (Rosinski & Co ltd) and a MBTI practition- er. As a coach she uses the CTI Co-active Coaching Fundamentals. Living and working in different countries and settings has given her excellent experience managing projects and communicating, throughout different cultures.
She thoroughly enjoys working with people from different backgrounds because she truly believes in the added value of diversity. Marjoleine has many years experience within (HR) management training and since 2005 she has been directing her attention to intercultural management. Her Intercultural Training & Coaching sessions are wellstructured, very interac- tive and tailor-made to the client’s needs. [reviews by participants at www.culturesconnect.eu/references]

Day 1: Working Effectively in a Multicultural Environment

By Marjoleine Havik MSc from CulturesConnect – www.culturesconnect.eu

Working in an international environment will no doubt bring you in contact with people from different backgrounds, often with different behaviors and values. Whether you are faced with unusual communication styles or decision- making processes at work or unfamiliar leadership styles, these different interactions might make you feel less effective in your multicultural team.

This training will provide you with:

  • useful insights in culture and cultural differences
  • general cultural awareness & understanding
  • cultural theory and dimensions
  • cultural self-awareness, using a cultural profiler
  • insights in intercultural interpretations and perceptions
  • development of an intercultural mindset
  • knowledge and skills towards intercultural competence and adaptability

Aiming to become more effective in a multi-cultural work environment and leverage the cultural differences in a multi- cultural team.

Who should attend?

Anyone working in an international organisation or in an international multicultural team. Anyone relocating abroad and working in an international environment.


Format: Group & Individual
Duration Day 1: Between 6 and 8 hours – lunch included

Your trainer

Harry-WiechersHarry Wiechers – Manager, Trainer & Coach

Harry is an experience manager, trainer and coach. Is connected as a business Coach to
VNO/NCW, the largest employers organization in The Netherlands and connected to the
Tony Robbins seminars as Senior Coach. He started his career as a manager in production,
where he diminished delivery times from 8 to 2 weeks and managed to have the
employees enjoy their work. The company was amazed and as a reward they sent him
through University and to the Tony Robbins trainings. Harry appeared to be a great
entrepreneur and started a platform for real estate maintenance where owners, users,
designers and commercial maintenance companies worked together as 1 team. The profits stayed the same, while lower- ing the costs drastically, so it became a raving success.

The reduction of maintenance cost and staff of 30% was proof of working SMARTER NOT HARDER. Working as a real A-TEAM is just a different mind set that works universal in companies… Harry will share the tips and tricks with us and knows how to implement them!

Day 2 : Increase Efficiency with 20% in 1 Day

By Harry Wiechers (business coach in Tony Robbins coachings)

Discover the formula of happiness for life and work. This formula will give you insight into what makes you and your colleague tick. Most of all it opens the road to create the best team needed within the current culture.

Not working harder, just working smarter.

With new insights you are able to no longer accept what holds you or the team back. They will give empowering focus on your actions in your life and your team. At the end of the day you will make new and improved commitments on actions that will increase efficiency with 20%. Key is the knowledge on what gets you and/or your team excited and strive for the highest efficiency possible.


  • Formula of happiness
  • The universal human needs
  • What it means to be the captain of your life
  • How much we really work in a year and our live
  • Reasons to quit your job TODAY
  • What negative people really cost
  • What not to tolerate when building an A-player Team
  • At what level are YOU playing right now?
  • What level is the team on?
  • What is needed to be an A-player
  • How to build an A-player Team
  • How to lock into THE ROAD TO SUCCESS

This two-day training is being offered in September 2019.


Thu, Sep 12th 2019 – Day 1: Working Effectively in a Multicultural Environment

Thu, Sep 19th 2019 – Day 2: Increase Efficiency with 20% in 1 Day

Costs: €495,- per person (excluding 21% VAT)

This is including lunch.

09.30 – 16.30 hours

Expat Center
Fred. Roeskestraat 115
1076 EE Amsterdam

Further details:
There is a minimum of 15 participants required for the training to start. We will keep you informed and refund your training money directly, might the minimum not be reached.

Registration deadline:
The registration deadline is Saturday – 31 August, 2019.

Dutch courses

Expat Center’s Dutch lessons are for beginners up to elementary level speakers.

The first opportunity to start is in:

Outline Elementary Dutch Course:

Since you arrived in the Netherlands you’ve heard words and asked yourself, what they actually mean? Like: ‘LEKKER’, ‘LEUK’ or ‘GEZELLIG’……
You need a Dutch survival kit!

Everyday Dutch is our main focus, so ‘In a café’, ‘At the market’ and ‘In a restaurant’ are just a few examples of themes we work on at this stage.
We’ll be working on the basics of the language.  Sound like fun? Or ‘LEUK’, as we say? Then join the Elementary Dutch course at the Expat Center. You’d like to get straight to it, or have been thinking about it? Either way, this is the fun Dutch course to start you off learning the all-important basics of the language. We start in September 2019. Sign up now!

For more information, please feel free to contact us via:  info@expatcenter.nl or 0900-9811.


Flowers speak for themselves. But people need to learn the words….
Credit image: Photo by Alice Achterhof on Unsplash

Summer/ Fall 2019

Starting:              Thursday, 5 September 2019

Duration:            10 weeks

Total Cost:          Euro 365,- per person (excluding materials € 42,95)

Class times:        16.00 – 17.30 hours

Class dates:       Thursday, September 5th

Thursday, September 12th

Thursday, September 19th

Thursday, September 26th

Thursday, October 3rd

Thursday, October 10th

Thursday, October 17th

Thursday, October 24th

Thursday, October 31st

Thursday, November 7th

Expat Center
Fred. Roeskestraat 115
1076 EE Amsterdam

Teacher:              Ms. Kiki Levy (Dutch & Such)

Starting level:   0 (from scratch)

Target level:      A1 (Elementary)

Materials (book + website):
The book ‘Nederlands in Gang | (2017 edition)’ will have to be purchased prior to the start of the course. The book can be purchased online via Bol.com for € 42,95. Please find the book here on Bol.com.

Further details:
There is a minimum of 8 participants required for the course to start. We will keep you informed and refund your course money directly, might the minimum not be reached.

Registration deadline:

The registration deadline is Thursday – 15 August, 2019.

Biography Ms. Kiki Levy:

Ms. Kiki Levy studied at the University of Amsterdam. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, and a Master’s in International Development Studies. Ms. Levy also trained as an English language teacher, and holds a TEFL/TESOL teaching certification. With a Dutch mother and an English-speaking Canadian father Kiki is completely bilingual.

Before going to university Kiki travelled extensively in Asia. Her travels were about more than just sun, beaches and food. She also decided to volunteer, teaching English in both Cambodia and Indonesia. She also supported an Environment Awareness program in Indonesia.

After completing her university studies, Kiki resumed her travels and went to Latin America for two years. During this two-year period, she found employment as an English teacher at the Universidad de la Sierra Sur in Mexico, where she assisted adult learners in preparing for TOEFL-exams. She also worked as an English teacher at a language school in Antigua, Guatemala.

It is often said that the best thing about travel is coming home. Kiki’s wish to return to her homeland also brought her to teaching Dutch. Having traveled far and wide Kiki has found that teaching Dutch is also a great way to meet interesting people from all over the world. So really, Kiki’s travels continue – at home – in teaching Dutch to internationals.

The sense of travel and adventure is key to Kiki’s approach to teaching Dutch. Whether you’ve just landed in the Netherlands or you’ve been here for some time, learning with Kiki is a journey through the Dutch language and culture. She makes language learning not just effective, but also fun. Let Ms. Levy be your travel guide through the language of the Lowlands. Happy travels! Or as we say in Dutch: Goede reis en veel plezier!

Ms. Kiki Levy

Fall 2019

Starting:              Tuesday, October 29th 2019

Duration:            6 weeks

Total Cost:          Euro 315,- per person (including VAT and materials)

Class times:     09.00 – 10.30 AM

Class dates:      Tue, October 29th
Tue, November 5th
Tue, November 12th
Tue, November 19th
Tue, November 26th
Tue, December 3rd

Expat Center
Fred. Roeskestraat 115
1076 EE Amsterdam

Teacher:              Ms. Evelyn van Litsenburg

Starting level:   0 (from scratch)

Target level:      A1 (Elementary)

Will be provided by teacher during the start of the course.

Further details:
There is a minimum of 8 participants required for the course to start. We will keep you informed and refund your course money directly, might the minimum not be reached.

Registration deadline:

The registration deadline is Tuesday – October 8th, 2019.

Biography Ms. Evelyn van Litsenburg:

Evelyn has been teaching Dutch and English since 2006, in different countries, and has a lot of experience in all levels. Evelyn has worked in Paris and Beirut and has given lessons to companies such as Total, BNP Paribas and Givenchy. Therefore, she knows all about being an expat herself! Learning the language of the country you live in, opens up a whole new world and makes your stay abroad a much more interesting experience. This is one of the reasons why Evelyn loves teaching Dutch. And, of course, she is able to share her language and culture with people that have moved here to The Netherlands. Apart from teaching and learning languages, Evelyn also loves art and is especially interested in photography.

Ms. Evelyn van Litsenburg


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