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Expat Center’s Dutch lessons are for beginners up to elementary level speakers. We will be announcing our new dates for 2020 soon!

Outline Elementary Dutch Course:

Since you arrived in the Netherlands you’ve heard words and asked yourself, what they actually mean? Like: ‘LEKKER’, ‘LEUK’ or ‘GEZELLIG’……
You need a Dutch survival kit!

Everyday Dutch is our main focus, so ‘In a café’, ‘At the market’ and ‘In a restaurant’ are just a few examples of themes we work on at this stage.
We’ll be working on the basics of the language.  Sound like fun? Or ‘LEUK’, as we say? Then join the Elementary Dutch course at the Expat Center. You’d like to get straight to it, or have been thinking about it? Either way, this is the fun Dutch course to start you off learning the all-important basics of the language.

For more information, please feel free to contact us via:  info@expatcenter.nl or 0900-9811.


Flowers speak for themselves. But people need to learn the words….
Credit image: Photo by Alice Achterhof on Unsplash


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